Durability alerts

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Block Horizon uses the Durability Alert plugin to help prevent your gear from breaking. This plugin is optional and is disabled for all players by default. Enabling and configuring the plugin is easy and is available for all permission groups/ranks to use. The main command for the plugin is /durabilityalert however you can also use the short command of /da.

The below commands are used per player and allow you to customize the plugin to your own liking.

Toggling Durability Alerts

/durabilityalert toggle
Use this command to turn on Durability Alerts. This single command will toggle the alerts on and off.

Durability Types

/durabilityalert type percent
/durabilityalert type durability

Use this command to set the Durability Alert system to use either Percentage or Durability for the alerts. In this guide we’ll be using % for setting up our alerts.

Durability for Tools

/durabilityalert tools 5
This sets our alerts for our tools at 5%, meaning you’ll receive the warning once hitting 5% to give you plenty of time to go mend. Adjust the number in the command to set your own desired % to receive the notification. 

Durability for Armour

/durabilityalert armour 5
As above, this sets our alerts for our armour at 5%. Adjust the number in the command to set your own desired % to receive the notification for your armour. 

Alerts for Enchanted Gear

/durabilityalert enchant
Toggle this on to only receive the alerts for your enchanted gear – especially useful if you use a lot of random tools and armour that you aren’t concerned about breaking, limiting the alerts to just the enchanted tools and armour.