Setting up a shop

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Block Horizon has a dedicated Shopping District. Within this Shopping District area you have the ability to purchase a plot, build and set up a shop. Once you’ve settled on your shop design, place down a chest, barrel or shulker to begin setting up your Chest Shop.

Creating the sign

To get started, place any sign of your choice on your Chest Shop (chest, barrel or shulker). 

First Line – Shop Owner

Leave the first line blank. This will be automatically populated by the chest shop plugin with your name to identify you as the owner of the shop.

Second Line – Transaction Quantity

This is the quantity you wish buy or sell in each transaction. If you want to do a full stack, put 64 here.

Third Line – Shop Functions and Prices

A shop will allow you to either buy, sell or buy and sell. This line allows you to set this up and allocate the price for each. B allows other players to buy from your shop and S allows players to sell back to your shop.

If you wish to sell the quantity listed on line 2 for 10, you’d put B 10 on this line. Likewise if you just wanted to allow players to sell back for 10, this line would say S 10.

You also have the ability to set up both buy and sell on the same line, this can be done with a : diving them. To allow buying and selling both for 10, you’d use B 10 : S 10. Note: it’s recommended to have a lower sell back price so you still allow players to sell back to your shop, but you’ll make a profit when selling it back to a customer.

Fourth Line – The Item

This line will tell the player what they are buying or selling, place a ? on this line to set it up. If the item is already in the chest, it will auto populate this line with the data needed for the shop. If not, equip the item in your hand and smack the sign with the item to allocate it to the shop.

Congrats, you’ve successfully set up your chest shop!