Creative Server

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Block Horizon has a network of fun waiting!
Our network includes survival, creative and mini games servers. Check them out below.

Our Creative server runs on PurPur and can be accessed through a portal in town hall or by using the “/server creative” command. Once entering the server, you’ll find our Creative Spawn hub. Once set up, each player has their own portal that will transport them to their designated and protected area where they are free to build whatever they desire.

Plugins used on the server:

Our creative server has a much more lightweight experience compared to the Survival server, just the right balance to make your creative life that little easier. The server makes use of:

  • Chunky (to render out a set radius of chunks)
  • CoreProtect
  • Decent Holograms
  • Discord SRV
  • Dynmap
  • Essentials
  • Luck Perms
  • Simple Portals
  • World Guard/Edit