Uploading a Plugin to your Java server is a fairly straight forward task and is a pretty similar process between hosting providers. In this demo we’ll be using Apex Minecraft Hosting.

Download your Plugin file

Before starting, make sure you have your plugin file ready to go. You can check out our growing list of tutorials for plugins here as well as the links to download the plugins. 

Preparing your server and uploading

Log in to the control panel of your Minecraft server. If you want to be extra cautious you can take a server backup at this point. Then when we are ready to go, shut down your server.

Locate the FTP / File Transfer link in your control panel similar to the above image. In the root directory of your server, click and open the Plugins folder. Once here, click the upload button and select your plugin file you previously downloaded to your computer.

Once the file has uploaded, you can now start your server. Once booted your plugin will be good to go. Want to know how to configure and use the plugin? Check out our plugin tutorials, new content is being added every week.